Leah Salinas

Leah Salinas is a Director at the Alexander Group, specializing in executive searches for C-level and management roles at startup companies, private equity and venture capital-backed companies undergoing aggressive growth. She has extensive experience recruiting talented professionals in functional and organizational leadership roles for energy and oil and gas companies, with an emphasis in midstream, energy transition, and carbon capture (CCUS), as well as across industrial, manufacturing, distribution, technology, and construction sectors.

Ms. Salinas excels at identifying transformational talent for clients navigating changing markets and is sought after for her consultative approach and her keen ability to align clients’ organizational needs with the professional goals of top-tier candidates possessing the same ethos as her clients.   

Prior to her executive search career, Ms. Salinas spent 14 successful years as a founder entrepreneur in the event industry, providing her with a firsthand understanding of the talent challenges faced by businesses operating in a competitive, talent-driven marketplace.


  • Ithaca College

    Bachelor of Arts

Industry Experience

Private Equity

What do you love about search?

I love learning about my clients, their companies, their cultures, and their challenges. I find search is helping them find a missing puzzle piece for their organization or solving a rubrics cube to get the right fight for the organization. I especially love challenging searches where clients know they have a gap and need someone to fill it but its either a new role for the organization or a role they need improved upon from the previous person who was in it so they don’t quite know yet exactly what they are looking for.

What do you think differentiates the Alexander Group from other executive search firms?

The long tenures of the research team and their love for digging into that part of the search process. It sets a strong foundation for the entire search and from experts in the field instead of junior associates that are doing research temporarily to move up the ladder. I also love how the relationship with the clients is the most important thing and it is proof by the decades of repeat clients that have trusted TAG as their search partner. The entire group approaches search with a sense of pride but also professionalism that I have not seen.

What do you love about your work?

I love learning about different industries, who the competitors are, the history of companies (especially ones that have grown through M&A) and how that has affected industries. I love all aspects of my work and that I get to move through the different stages from discovery and research through closing a candidate. What I especially love though is the offer process and even more so when I have to handle negotiations, especially the challenging ones. I get a thrill out of situations that others think will not come to an agreement because that is where the fun begins for me.

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