Managing Director

Jean P. Lenzner

Jean Lenzner is a veteran of the executive search industry with more than 30 years of experience in recruiting, professional development, training, diversity and retention. Despite her wide-ranging business expertise, she remains an enthusiastic lifelong learner, always excited to embrace new ideas and approaches to meet the unique requirements that every search and project entails.

Prior to returning to The Alexander Group—which she co-founded and where she served as partner for 10 years—Ms. Lenzner was director of professional resources for Bracewell LLP, where she oversaw recruiting and retention for the 400-attorney global law firm. Previously, she was the director of experienced recruiting for Arthur Andersen LLP.

"I enjoy the intellectual stimulation and challenge of executive recruiting."


  • University of Texas, Austin

    Bachelor of Arts, History. Bachelor of Journalism

Industry Experience

Legal and Professional Services
Life Sciences and Healthcare
Professional Services

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